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Are you considering buying a house on the Costa Blanca? Then have a look at the different places on this page. We have many properties for sale. Our range of properties in the Costa Blanca is very diverse and varies from apartments in Javea to a finca in the typical Spanish village of Pedreguer. Something for everyone.

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About the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca - or "white coast" - is a popular region in Spain to buy or have a holiday home built. The name of this coast is derived from the former large-scale almond cultivation (trees with pink and white blossoms). So it actually has nothing to do with the white beaches and white houses.

The Costa Blanca has 74 sandy beaches in total, with a total coast length of 244 kilometers.

The part of Jávea to Altea has been named the healthiest area in Europe by the World Health Organization. Many beaches have the blue flag, which means that the beach and water are clean, there is supervision, as well as a toilet and access for the disabled.

There is also a pleasant climate due to the fact that the area lies in a small bowl because of the mountain ridges. This ensures that there are less extreme fluctuations in temperatures. Many people with health problems such as asthma, osteoarthritis or rheumatism like to go here because they have fewer symptoms once they get there.

Invest in a holiday home on the Costa Blanca

These days it can be more interesting not to leave your savings in the bank but to invest in something. Often the costs that savings entails are even higher than the income that you bring in from investing. It is therefore good to think about other forms of investment. Think of investment forms such as bitcoins, shares or pension investments. Another great alternative is investing in stones. This can certainly yield a lot of returns in the long term and you can also enjoy it yourself.

Buying real estate is a very broad concept and varies from a student home in the Netherlands to buying a second home abroad. As mentioned above, the advantage of a second home abroad is that you can combine this with your own vacations while earning it outside of the months that you go there yourself.

Another option is to build a house or a piece of land that you have chosen yourself. In general, a home that you build yourself is about 20% cheaper, because you save the profit of a project developer.

The interest in Spain can be fixed for 10 to 20 years and is currently very low. It is therefore also a good option to borrow for a lower interest rate, so that you can purchase a larger holiday home and the yield at the bottom is higher.


Of course there are always risks associated with investing in real estate; the economy can fall back or the mortgage interest rate can rise. This is something that is never certain with any form of investment.

Also consider other risks such as debt restructuring on a house for sale, the lack of a housing and / or building permit or the employment of a contractor who turns out to be bankrupt. Unfortunately, these are common stories, which makes it wise to hire a buying agent. The costs for this are completely free for you as a buyer, since these costs are included in the seller's fee.

Do you want advice (without obligation) and more information about buying a holiday home in Spain? Then contact us now. We have a large network around us with people who can be trusted. We also know about all Spanish rules that are different from those in the Netherlands.