Our concept

1. Free introductory meeting

Are you considering buying or building a property in Spain? Before getting serious you have
certainly countless questions that you want answered beforehand. This is possible! And also completely
without obligation. Contact us by mail or phone and we will be happy to explain everything to you. The purpose of
this conversation is both an inventory of the housing wishes, and a first acquaintance where you
can look each other in the eye. After that, you can decide for yourself whether to continue your search for your dream home
want to start with us. PrimaVillas always represents the interests of you as
home buyer, a sales agent does this from the selling party.

2. Location & houses selection

If you have chosen to start the search with us, we will start orienting and exploring the area together. We believe that the location and environment is the most decisive factor when purchasing a home. We plan
therefore please the first day (or several) free to explore the area before we visit any homes. Only when you have clicked with the relevant environment, we will view the selected houses together with you and the sales agent.
If you already know the area well, we will skip this step.
We will make a selection based on your requirements and requirements. Think of budget, location, view, desired environment, size, number of rooms, etc. We can work with any sales agent, so we have access to the entire range in the area. We do not have our own homes to be objective. In this way we remain independent and we avoid conflicts of interest.

3. Have you made a choice? The negotiation can start.

When you have made an informed choice, we will discuss the
start negotiation. We as a purchase broker always do the negotiation on your behalf, a
the sales agent does this on behalf of the seller of the house. Because of this we always will
benefit from the sharpest possible negotiation and you buy for the lowest possible price.
When you have agreed with the seller about the price, the house will be through a
reservation contract be withdrawn from sale. This usually involves an average amount
of € 5,000 / € 6,000 paid in advance.

4. The real estate control & transfer

Our lawyer will draw up the 10% contract within 2-4 weeks and the house will be
in the meantime checked on the issues below. This way we ensure that you have the chosen home
completely carefree and without financial risk.

  • Property register (Registro de la Propiedad)
  • Residential Permit (Licencia Primer Ocupación)
  • Building Regulations
  • Outstanding accounts with the Utilities
  • Outstanding Municipal Taxes
  • Energy label (Certificado de Eficiencia Energética).
  • Architectural research (optional)
  • Valuation of the house
  • Legal check of the purchase deed

When everything is in order, a transfer date is determined and the final payment can be made, after which the keys will be handed over.

5. We also offer free after-sales service

We can also unburden you after you have received the key to your home. We have many
people within our network who can help with this, for example:

  • A hosting service if you choose to rent out your home.
  • A pool man who comes to check and maintain your pool.
  • A gardener who will do your garden by arrangement.
  • A handyman, painter, builder or an architect.

Contact us now for a no-obligation introductory meeting.