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Are you looking for an apartment in Spain? In our offer we have more than 350 apartments for sale in all shapes and sizes. There is something for everyone. We also have many properties in our back office, so if the desired apartment is not listed, we can always look further for you! Read more below or view our selection directly.

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If you want to buy an apartment in Spain, of course there is also something involved. You must be aware of all laws and regulations so that you do not encounter unnecessary costs or problems.

We will give some tips on this page about what you should pay attention to and what additional costs are involved.

Buying an apartment in Spain, what should I pay attention to?

After days of searching and comparing you have actually seen the perfect apartment. Just view the location on Google Maps and that sounds like something to you, "the location will probably be good".

Recognizable? Unfortunately, this is a common mistake made by many people.

Step 1

The environment is something permanent that you cannot change yourself. If you do not have a click, the apartment can still be so beautiful, but you will not be happy. So always make sure that you first explore the area and only then start looking for an apartment that meets your needs, within the area where you want to live. You will find that home anyway.

Look at this page to read more about the regions in the Costa Blanca. PrimaVillas is happy to help you explore the area. We then plan two full days, where we will drive together on day 1, visit all kinds of different places and simply experience and feel what you think of the area. We can tell a lot about the area, but in the end it is important that you feel the click with the area in question.

Step 2

Once the environment has been determined, it is time to search for the suitable apartment. These come in all shapes and sizes, so that you can no longer see the forest for the trees.

First, consider what type of apartment you are looking for; a penthouse, right on the sea, in the middle of the city or a somewhat cheaper apartment? All this of course depends on the available budget.

A common mistake is that people often think about who can come to visit and on that basis decide that, for example, they want 3 bedrooms instead of 2. Think carefully about how much space you really need (or want) and whether you place more value on outside or inside, or on both.

If all wishes are listed, we will make a property selection based on that. Through the feedback we receive on this we can make an even better selection that we can then view. But first we will explore the area together and after this is appreciated we can make the viewings definitive. We can then visit these properties without obligation and without obligations.

We will then give an objective opinion based on our experience. Here we look at the location of the home, the state of the home, the position of the sun, etc. It may just be that the road next to the house is very quiet during the viewing during the winter, but causes a lot of noise in the summer. We naturally want to prevent this.

Step 3

Determine within what period you want to move into your new home. Prefer yesterday than today? Then it goes without saying that the choice lies with an existing home. Are you not in a hurry and do you want to adjust the home and location entirely to your own wishes and requirements? Then building yourself or having it built is an option.

It is also good to think about the financing options. What is the expectation that this can be arranged? The official route only starts after the reservation contract has been signed.

Regarding the negotiation process - a seller might be sensitive to a quick delivery. Think of financial problems or, for example, emigrating to another country. We therefore always try to find out the reason for the sale, so that we can respond to this during the bidding process.

How does financing work in Spain and what are the costs involved?

Do you want to take out a mortgage? Then it is advisable to check the possibilities beforehand. The Spanish banks finance 70% of the total purchase price, excluding the additional costs. The additional costs in Spain (buyer costs) consist of 10% transfer tax and the other 2.5% registry, land register, lawyer, broker, etc.

Example calculation: Suppose you buy a home of € 400,000, the bank then finances € 280,000 and you must have an own capital of € 120,000 (30%) for the home + € 50,000 additional costs (12.5% of € 400,000 ). This amounts to an equity of € 120,000 + € 50,000 = € 170,000.

Since the banks do not co-finance the additional costs, it basically means that a total of approximately 40% of their own money is needed.

PrimaVillas can guarantee that you can buy your favorite apartment in Spain completely carefree and without financial risk. We have been active in this industry for more than 10 years and have since gathered a large network of local specialists around us. Whether it is about buying an old or new apartment, renovating or renting out your apartment, PrimaVillas will gladly help you further.

We are a completely independent purchasing agent and therefore do not have our own homes. We work together with more than 13 brokers, of which we have access to the full range. This means that we have a broad portfolio with different types and locations.

Our service is completely free for you as a buyer. In contrast to the Netherlands, the (purchase) estate agent fee in Spain is paid by the selling party. So you pay nothing extra.

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