The added value of a buying agent

The added value of a buying agent?

Read below what the added value is of having a buying agent in Spain and what the differences are with a selling agent.

  1. A buying broker represents the interests of you as a home buyer, a selling broker of the selling party.
  2. A purchasing agent does not have his own homes. A sales broker does everything he can to sell his client's home.
  3. A sales broker who also acts as a buying broker often has to deal with conflicts of interest.
  4. A sales broker receives a percentage of the sale and therefore benefits from the highest possible sales amount.
  5. A buying broker does the negotiation on your behalf. A sales broker on behalf of the seller of the property.
  6. A buying agent helps homebuyers with searching, viewing and negotiating. When an agreement has been concluded with the seller, the purchase broker also helps with the completion of the purchase, such as reviewing the deed of purchase, settlement at the notary and key transfer.

There are no additional costs associated with this service since the broker in Spain is paid by the broker. The sales broker has a contract with the seller to sell the property for an agreed price or percentage of the selling price. We are paid by the sales broker, so you as a buyer do not pay anything extra on top of the purchase price negotiated by us