Safe Purchase Guarantee

NLY this quality brand guarantees a SAFE PURCHASE and offers you 20 years of security and legal protection. With the Safe Purchase Guarantee Certificate by Caser, the insurer of the Spanish savings banks, your home is insured for the next 20 years with no extra costs for you.

When purchasing your home in Spain through PrimaVillas you will receive this certified for extra property protection for the next 20 years for free.

What do we mean by a Safe Purchase?

Most people that have bought a house in Spain, are enjoying everything the country, climate and culture has to offer. As a result of television programs and newspapers you have undoubtedly heard that it can be different. Fortunately, only a small minority faced these kinds of unforeseen problems, disputes and legal issues. Some people have lost all their possessions. When buying your house through Prima Villas we offer you a save purchase, with this guarantee you can enjoy the good life in Spain without any risk or worries.

Spain is truly a wonderful place to live, but the laws and rights are quite different from ours in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Without protecting your rights as an owner you can be vulnerable. The legal system in Spain gives you little or no protection.

Our agency has a collaboration with Caser Seguros, one of the largest insurance companies in Spain. Our agents have to sign the Safe Purchase Code of Professional Practice and sign a statement to confirm that they have not previously been convicted of any form of fraud. We are among a select group of real estate agents who use the unique Safe Purchase Guarantee Certificate, eliminating the risks of property in Spain to the minimum.

In the United States and other parts of the world, it is much more common for these type of guarantees. Many U.S. Banks require a specialization of the insurance companies.

The certificate Safe Purchase Guarantee protects your rights, provides coverage to a maximum of?€ 360,000 and gives you immediate protection for the next 20 years from the day that you sign at the solicitor. Our guarantee is based on the American model ensured by Caser, part of El Grupo Caser with over 65 years experience in the Spanish insurance market.

  1. Caser certifies that all your legal rights stated in the purchase deed will be respected
  2. Caser declares that you have purchased property to all the agreed legal conditions.
  3. In case of problems, they guarantee a solution within six months. Specialized in real estate law lawyers manage your problem with the highest standards of care and efficiency. And if the problem is not resolved within six months, Caser will compensate you. The compensation may not exceed the price agreed in the Title Deed to a maximum of € 360.000

In summary: The Safe Purchase Certificate protects you against:

Fraud, identity theft, illegal building permits, demolition orders, community disputes, unfair quotas, hidden defects, suppliers and builders debts, administrative procedures, access problems, hidden leases, defective property sizes, border disputes, cadastral registration problems, and illegal vendors.

Conditions of Caser